Bold is the ability to be Brave & Courageous.

BELIEVE : in yourself, your strengths, and your ability to take control of your life and take action.

OVERCOME : what is holding you back: insecurities, anxiety, fear, addiction, trauma, self-doubt, guilt, resentment, anger, betrayal, disappointment, ect..

LIVE : your life loving and trusting yourself: with confidence, motivation, ambition, passion, purpose, positivity, and optimism, happily, healthily and to your fullest potential.

DISCOVER : who you are by gaining deeper insight into your character and feelings, while expanding your life experiences.

At Moonlight Productions, we Believe that we all face challenges in life that are difficult but very possible to Overcome. We know that with the right support system we are all capable of taking control of our lives, healing, and growing. We are committed to giving individual attention to each of our participants. We provide a comfortable, and safe environment, that breaks boundaries, builds trust, and forges family-style relationships within our groups. To Live life to its fullest potential, we use creative arts exercises, conversation builders, as well as many other activities and artistic strategies to aid in each participant’s growth. We welcome the involvement of our participants outside therapists or counselors, if they have, to enhance their experience with us in the best way. Throughout our journey we will all Discover more and more in depth, who we truly are, what our interests are, and develop meaningful relationships.