You yourself are one of a kind. You and you alone are made up of your own ideas, talents, desires, dreams, experiences and ambitions. There are no age limits to your creativity and no rules on how to develop your ideas. Artistic freedom is expressing yourself without reservation, so “Don’t worry if you’re making waves simply by being yourself. The Moon does it all the time!” Believe in yourself! There is no degree, certification, long list of experiences, likes, shares, hearts, or reviews that declare you an artist. Whether you are a born artist, or a taught artist, an artist is an artist! (Say that sentence 5x’s fast! Lol) At times, you will be your biggest fan, at others your worst critic….but always remember to be kind to yourself. We believe in you and are grateful to be given the opportunity to share in your development and creative journey. Welcome to Moonlight Productions, Where Passion meets Purpose!