Projectivity Group & Moonlight Productions

Moonlight Productions is so excited to have partnered with Projectivity Group. Christian Penn, the Executive Director and Founder of Projectivity Group, along with a collective of artists, musicians, and educators, create outlets for the public to learn, experience, and showcase their passions through music and art. They are a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization. For over 10 years they have worked with public and private schools, as well as juvenile justice programs and agencies, providing education and resources for young adults to:

  • Develop a passion for media and the arts
  • Build confidence and leadership skills
  • Gain employment and pursue a career in the arts
  • Give back to the community, contribute to public art projects and participate in local events

In 2019, Projectivity Group was awarded a grant from Staten Island Arts to write, produce and perform a theatrical presentation featuring youth from Staten Island. They have partnered with Moonlight Productions to help create the play production, work with students to create a script, host auditions for different roles in the play, assign technical production roles to different participants, conduct play practices and rehearsals, and develop the entire production for a series of performances to take place in the Fall of 2021. Participants will receive stipends for their work and receive certificates of completion for participating and completing the program. Our goal is to address certain issues facing youth today, including but not limited to bullying, race issues, social justice issues, substance abuse, depression, and other topics. We aim to tell a positive story of hope and promise among the youth while also showcasing the realities they face in the world today.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this project was put on hold at the beginning of 2020. We are very excited to have reconvened in January 2021 with a group of dedicated, talented and engaged Artists to participate in this program. We are excited to be working with everyone involved and look forward to a wonderful performance this Fall.

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PCCS- Person Centered Care Services

Moonlight Productions is honored to be a vendor for PCCS Self-Direction Programs

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