Moonlight ProductionsOur story begins in a small town nestled on the side of a lake…oh wait that’s not us…in a galaxy far far far away…Ummm nope…not quite! On a small island better known as the Island of Staten, where everybody knows your name, whether you like it or not…lol, two women find themselves working in the same place at the same time and stumble upon a parallel artistic past. Their stories collide, awakening a suppressed passion and dire need to fulfill their creative souls…and so on and so on…Lets just sum it up for you…they realized the time had come to focus on making their own dreams come true, follow their calling to fulfill what they believe in and are passionate about…long long long story short…they realize Passion and Purpose is the core of who they are and BAM! November 2016 a promise was made that within a year they would own their own company! Fiercely, June 2017, MOONLIGHT PRODUCTIONS WAS BORN!!

As of March 2020, 700 classes,14 shows,10 developing partnerships, a second company (their non-profit) later, they find themselves in the wake of a pandemic, their business completely shut down and their participants among the most vulnerable to the virus. They go through a difficult time, having lost many people they worked with and loved, and were faced with the fears and uncertainties of their future. After months of tears, frustration, defeat, loss of motivation, fear, heartache and rejected proposals, they decided to join Mother Nature and get out of the confines of their living spaces. Along the way the Moonlight Minute was birthed and the Moonlight LIVE to follow!

Rejuvenated and ready to fight for what they loved, they grabbed their boot straps and began to rebuild! They share their journey virtually on social media every week, making it possible to touch people not only across the United States but across the globe! Redirecting and expanding their business is exactly what happened! The virtual world helped their introduction of virtual class offerings as well as customized in-home small group classes. Virtual programming made it possible to recreate and offer classes to the facilities they worked at prior to the pandemic which gave a social and educational outlet to so many people most vulnerable to COVID-19. Maintaining a connection to all of the participants they worked with and giving the opportunity for many others to join them, Moonlight Productions hopped back on the road to changing lives!