Yes, Moonlight Productions can build a class to suit an individual or a group’s desires. We pride ourselves on the ability to tailor programs, workshops and performances to suit your interests! We provide opportunities for creative exploration, igniting the mind and spirit, while building self-confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. It is guaranteed, you will have an informative, educational, fun, cathartic, and freeing experience that works best for achieving optimal results for all involved. Call to create your dream class now!! (Prices will be determined by desired content and length of class)

Theatrical Imagination

You enter the room, look at your ticket, head toward your seat, sit down, read the playbill, and as the lights dim, the music comes up, the curtains open and you’re transported instantly into another world…Our Theatrical Imagination…THE ONLY PLACE YOU WILL CREATE YOUR OWN SHOW from soup to nuts!

Moonlight Productions Theatrical Imagination class, provides you with a complete behind the scenes perspective of Theatre. With your group, you will create, write, and perform in your own original play. From settings, character development, improv to acting, props, costumes, music and more…this experience produces priceless memories, lifelong friendships, and your own unique Final Performance.

Classes available for children, teens, adults and senior citizens. *We also offer Inclusive Classes.

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The Theatrical Heirloom

Imagine a place where you can step into another world and become someone else in an instant….WITH YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY OR GROUP OF FRIENDS OR BOTH?! Here is where you will find that place!

With Moonlight Productions Guidance and Direction, you will take part in fun games and basic improv that create an unforgettable experience! This will be a theatrical memory passed down for generations to come!

Call to customize your experience! Prices may vary