What is the Moonlight LIVE?

Well, to start, there couldn’t be a Moonlight LIVE without the Moonlight Minute. What’s a Moonlight Minute, you ask? It is a one minute video clip filmed at an “undisclosed location” that includes an Artistic Exercise for all to do. Viewers are welcomed and encouraged to submit their responses and experiences with the Exercise each week through email, text, or direct message. Also, if they would like, allow Moonlight Productions to showcase their work publicly on Wednesday nights during their Moonlight LIVE talk show!

After taking their viewers on their Moonlight Minute adventure, which they always hope to be exciting and fun, everyone is given the opportunity to guess the location each week on a weekly talk show called Moonlight LIVE, currently on Facebook and Instagram every Wednesday night at 8:00pm.

The initial goal of the Moonlight Minute and Moonlight LIVE was to find, investigate and promote safe, and preferably free, outdoor locations during COVID-19. After suffering the loss of many of their beloved participants and watching the business they built hang on by a thread, Moonlight Productions chose to rise up and embark on a spiritual and cathartic journey through nature that in turn would raise their spirits, expand their vision, begin to heal their pain, and ease their fears (and many others fears) of being in the outside world. Their plans would engage communities artistically, provide updates on the company’s future plans and of course, provide entertainment!

The first Moonlight LIVE on Facebook, was intended to be a 20-30 minute segment. It immediately turned into an hour long (sometimes longer) full out Talk Show! It became a place to provide artistic education to aid in the healing of traumatic experiences, promote self growth, reflect on the many struggles we all endure and share stories and articles to inspire anyone who is watching.

Five months into the Moonlight LIVE Journey some additions were added to the weekly lineup:

  • A Jokester segment, where viewers send in their jokes and compete for the “Jokester of the Week” where the audience votes on their favorite joke.
  • A Mystery Question section, where Moonlight Productions answers personal questions about themselves and/or their business that the audience sends in advance
  • The Wheel of Song, where viewers send in music requests and occasionally the wheel is spun and songs are sung LIVE
  • A Quote of the Week ends the show so everyone leaves feeling touched and inspired was and always will be the way they intend on leaving those they spend time with.

Moonlight LIVE is a major source of confidence, love and self worth for its creators, which continues to aid in the redirecting and rebuilding of Moonlight Productions and makes the journey a beautiful experience.

Moonlight Productions is dedicated to their mission, their followers, class participants and to giving the best experience to anyone that they come into contact with.

The Moonlight Minute and Moonlight LIVE Talk Show is now a staple in Moonlight Productions Evolution. The Moonlight Minute video is uploaded every Sunday on their website and social media. If you haven’t seen a Moonlight LIVE yet, be sure to catch them on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm on Facebook and Instagram Live! Happy 2021 Everybody! Peace and Love!