What is the Moonlight Minute?

What is the Moonlight Minute? The Moonlight Minute was born to create a safe, inspirational, and healthy escape from reality. An escape that would captivate your interest, leave you entertained and intrigued by the environmental clues presented to you each week to figure out the mystery location we visited…

January 2020, Moonlight Productions, after a year and half of working diligently, and creating a strong foundation for their company, teaching more than 700 classes, putting up 14 shows, 6 events, and at a turning point in their business, opens their second company, a Non-Profit, called MOONLIGHT PRODUCTIONS NYC! The focus of this company would be on their B.O.L.D. programs (Believe, Overcome, Live & Discover), that would embrace vulnerable communities in need of a voice, artistic outlet, healing, and exploration. Specifically geared toward, Teens and Adults in Recovery, Overcomers of Domestic Violence, and At-Risk Youth, as well as many others, they were blessed to be given the opportunity to partner with a number of other companies committed to help make their hopes come to fruition.

March 2020 arrives, and Covid-19 turns the world as we know it upside down. The Pandemic shut down, would stop all Moonlight Productions programming and their plan to begin their B.O.L.D. programs with Moonlight Productions NYC, indefinitely. From March through May, Moonlight Productions watched the world from the four walls of their backyard. Losing many of their loved ones to Covid-19 who participated in their programs, unable to pay their respects, like so many others suffered, which birthed a mourning period they never could have imagined.

In May of 2020, they decided reaching out and connecting with as many people they worked with, by making calls and sending texts, were pertinent to their healing as well as the many others who looked forward to working with them each week too. They needed each other more than ever. Those phone calls and messages reactivated their passion, and pushed them out of their depression quicker than they thought. The next chapter had begun, and they didn’t even realize it at first. The first step was leaving the four walls of their backyard, and going back to where they always found serenity. That place was out in nature. THE MOONLIGHT MINUTE WAS BORN!

The plan was to Journey to different places out in nature that were socially distanced, relaxing, calming, inspiring, and free. The goal was to give their audience an opportunity to see that there were locations not too far from home, and at greater distances, that they too could explore, and stay safe during the Pandemic. It also gave the person that may not be able to travel, an opportunity to go on the adventure with them each week through their videos.

The Moonlight Minute is a video clip from an “undisclosed location” making their adventure exciting and fun, while giving their audience the opportunity to guess the location each week. They planned to air a weekly talk segment on Facebook that revealed the location, connecting the community, provided engaging entertainment, as well as keeping people abreast of their company’s future plans. The first “MOONLIGHT LIVE” on Facebook, immediately turned into a full talk show, that is typically an hour long if not longer. They are dedicated to their followers, and committed to giving the best experience to anyone that they come into contact with. They even go as far as incorporating an Artistic Exercise for all to participate in, giving Artists the opportunity to share their work with them through email, direct messenger or text. In addition, with their participants permission, during the talk show, they dedicate time to sharing their work with the public so they can shine! They post a Moonlight Minute every Sunday on Facebook, and now, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter as well. The Moonlight Minute and Moonlight LIVE Talk shows will be a staple in Moonlight Productions Evolution.

If you haven’t seen a Moonlight LIVE yet, be sure to catch them on Wednesday nights at 8pm on Facebook and Instagram Live! Happy 2021 Everybody! Peace and Love!